* Remembering and Honoring *

* Those Who Served * 

Future Site

Liberty Veterans Honor Garden


They Who Gave Their Lives Defending Freedom

Made The Ultimate Contribution To The Cultures

Of The World And Found Expressed

      In These Cultural Gardens


710 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Rockefeller Park/Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Sponsored by

Joint Veterans Commission of Cuyahoga County (JVCOCC)
















* Remembering and Honoring *

* Those Who Served * 


Liberty Veterans Honor Garden


Sponsor - Joint Veterans Commission of Cuyahoga County (JVCOCC)


Mission - Establish a garden to honor all of our nation’s defenders who gave their lives not only in the defense of our country but also to bring freedom to many nations around the world. It is appropriate to establish the garden among Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens since the people of many of the nations represented in the Cleveland Cultural Garden chain now enjoy their freedom due to the sacrifice of those to be honored here. It is also to be an expression of gratitude to their families, those who served with them and their families. This site will assure our current and future defenders, as well as their families, that their service and sacrifice and their contributions to preserving our culture and the cultures of the world will not be forgotten and cherished forever.  

Location - 710 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, near the Northernmost and West point of the Cleveland Cultural Garden Chain with a prominent view as well as an ample area to honor past and future generations of our nation’s defenders and hold ceremonies in remembrance of their sacrifice.

Concept - A tree will be planted in the Liberty Veterans Honor Garden for each century in which our nation has lost its sons and daughters in battle. There will be four trees initially planted, one for each of the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. A monument near each of the century trees, will identify and describe to the viewer the significance of the events where many made the ultimate sacrifice and moved veterans and citizens to memorialize the sacrifice of those who gave their all and those who served. A tree will be planted in the Liberty Veterans Honor Garden to honor all of our allies who gave their lives while fighting alongside us on our soil and throughout the world. A monument will identify the defining events and describe to the viewer their contributions. The plaza, a flat globe of the world, will have all the countries. The walkways and plaza area will be built from stone obtained from countries throughout the world and where our nation’s defenders have served and died delivering freedom and preserving the world’s cultures. The paving stones will be inscribed to identify the nation of origin. A garden Center Monument of unique and significant design will be installed to express the citizens and veterans gratitude to our nations defenders whom we lost in battle and to their families. It will allow future generations to continue to honor those who serve and served and help them never to forget those who came before them. A separate monument will introduce the visitor to this site and the WWI Veterans Liberty Row Memorials along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (originally dedicated as Liberty Boulevard in memory of those who died during WWI).

Words to be inscribed in the center monument will relay this message

            “We will hold you dear forever for the memory of your sacrifice nurtures the

            spirit of our nation and the hope for freedom and peace throughout the world.

            Your lives were the ultimate contributions to the preservation of the cultures

            expressed in these Cleveland Cultural Gardens”


CONTIGUOUS PROJECT – Restoration of the 800+ WWI Memorial Trees with markers at their bases originally dedicated in 1919 in honor of those killed from Greater Cleveland Ohio during WWI. This restoration and separate project is referred to as the WWI Liberty Row Veterans Memorials and it is also being sponsored by the JVCOCC. The marker medallions will be cast from bronze that will be made from re-using the bronze plates that were at the “Fountain of Eternal Life” at Mall “A” in downtown Cleveland (by the Marriott Hotel and Cleveland Board of Education Building) prior to its rededication to all who died from Cuyahoga County starting with the Spanish American War and up to and including the most recent and current Persian Gulf Wars.