Outstanding Veteran of the Year Award – Nomination Form

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JVCOCC Veterans Organizations – call for “Veteran of the Year” nominations
SAVE THE DATE:  Officer Installation/Veteran of the Year Award Luncheon, Saturday, 23 February 2019, at 11a.m. – Location: Holiday Inn Independence, Ohio

Ceremony and program sponsored by the Joint Veterans Council of Cuyahoga County (JVCOCC).

Uniform of the Day For Honoree – Class “A”/Service or Business Casual.

If selected by JVCOCC, your Veterans organization’s Veteran nominee and spouse or family member will be our guest at this event, where he or she will be honored.  If you have not yet selected a “Veteran of the Year” nominee, please consider this very special occasion as a reason to select one and submit the form. If your nominee is selected to be recognized as the “Veteran of the Year” by JVCOCC, we expect a representative from your Veterans organization to read a 50-100 word citation recognizing and summarizing your organization’s honoree’s accomplishments.

Nomination Deadline December 31, 2018    

Information will be used in the selection of honoree and developing the program for the event. We look forward to the pleasure of your company at this important event honoring a Veteran with a lifetime of commitment of serving our country, his/her fellow veterans, our troops, their respective families, our citizens and our communities.

Please fill out the attached nomination form as outlined on a Veteran for consideration to be selected as the Joint Veterans Commission of Cuyahoga County “Veteran of the Year”. Along with JVCOCC representatives, the chosen honoree’s Veterans organization representative will present the award. Please send the completed form (MS Word or RTF and PDF file) and nominee’s picture (high resolution JPEG file) via e-mail to president@jvcocc.org

“Veteran of the Year” Award Nomination Form – Deadline December 31,  2018

Name of Recipient: (First, Middle, Last, Suffix)  ____________________________________________________________________

Military Rank of Recipient: (Abbreviation and Full Title)   ____________  –  ____________________________________________

Military Service: (Branch, Unit, Locations, Years in Service)  ________________________________________________________

Recipient Contact Info:  (Mail Address, Home/Cell Phone, E-Mail)  _________________________________________________

Spouse or Family Member Attending:  ____________________________________________________________________________

Presenter:  (Organization, Full Name, Title/Rank/Relationship to Awardee)  _________________________________________

Presenter Contact Info:  (Mail Address, Home/Cell Phone, E-Mail)  _________________________________________________

Recipient Bio for Event Program Booklet and Nomination Evaluation

Submit quality picture of recipient in business dress or uniform with this form. E-mail this completed form in Word, Rich Text or PDF format with JPEG image to schwachenwald@aol.com and info@jvcocc.org)

200 – 250 words:  ______________________________________________________________________________________





Award Citation – Certificate Wording

50 -75 words:  _________________________________________________________________________________________



If the recipient of award is currently unavailable due to deployment, please invite a spouse or family member to accept the award on behalf of the recipient. Any questions please contact Ron Schwachenwald at 440-225-6441 and info@jvcocc.org