2021 Update

Looking forward to 2021! We apologize that our web page has not been updated regularly. As we move into 2021, we will work harder to keep this up to date.

Check back soon for updates on the 2021 events.


The Joint Veterans Council of Cuyahoga County is a World Class organization that answers the Call to Preserve a Legacy:

“The greatest citizens of each of our nation’s generations: those who died defending our country, those who served, those who stand vigilant now and will in the future, their respective families, and the loving citizens who supported them and their loved ones while the defenders were in harm’s way and embraced them and their families when they came home and made it their lifetime duty to help them all heal.”

To accomplish this, the Joint Veterans Council of Cuyahoga County works with veterans, veteran organizations, communities, and service members to connect veterans, veteran organizations and family members with information and organization that support veterans and their families.


The Joint Veterans Council of Cuyahoga County was established in 1932 to bring together the energies of the various Veterans organizations and work on common goals: civic, education and commemoration. Continuing the longstanding tradition of actively supporting our Veterans, our Service Members, and their families.